Adakah Wali Alloh Perempuan?

“Women tend to say, “Men have been honored….” No, that is not true!

Was not Rabi`a al-`Adawiyya (r) a lady saint?

Be a lady saint, the door is open; just as there are men saints, there are lady saints.

Was not Sayyida `Ayesha (r) a lady saint? Was not Sayyida Fatima az-Zahra (r) a lady saint?

In the time of the Prophet (s), 700 women were teaching Shari`ah (Islamic law), after the time of the Prophet (s), after he left dunya; they were teaching Shari`ah that they learned from Prophet (s) or from their husbands who were very close to the Prophet (s) and they were lady saints, strive to be like them”


Sayyid Mawlana Shaykh Hisham Kabbani

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